The Danish Girl (2015)

The Danish Girl (2015)


Tom Hooper
Biography | Drama | Romance
UK | US | Germany
1 h 59 m
Eddie Redmayne | Alicia Vikander | Amber Heard

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Awards & Festivals:
31 Wins, 79 Nominations



Another transformation story by Eddie Redmayne, which he once again played quite well after Theory of Everything.

The transformation from Einar to Lili is explained very much in details, especially the stages; From the first realization to the decision up until having the surgery; the psychological roots handled masterfully. This movie is definite success.

The part to be criticized on the other hand is on an important and striking subject such as a Danish painter changing his sexual identity (especially in the 1920s); the aforementioned dreams were handled somewhat superficially, and the pains displayed too “sterile”. It may not be fair to compare, but even his colleague Van Gogh cut off his ear due to the depression he fell into as a result, regardless of what the rumors about his reason point to. In other words, the critics expected the psychological crisis to be processed more strikingly, which we read only from the facial and body expressions of Einar in the film. While it could have made a masterpiece out of such a story, the director Tom Hooper, deliberately chose this poor path because of the concern that the film might lose its popularity.

It may not be a masterpiece, but The Danish Girl, a successful film that did not deserve such a high dose of criticism.

Nil Birinci

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