About Us

On December 12, 2022 kino avant-garde started its journey by an avid cinephile, or more accurately, “cineliterate” and at the same time a staunch follower of visual art, of course with the slogan of master Jean-Luc Godard, “An aesthetic is that of the sniper on the roof”.

“Le film sur l’art”. On this website, we aim to write and share analyzes of films that appeal to the mind rather than the heart and that will strike the audience with their aesthetics. In addition, we find it more valuable to pursue the question marks that the movie has left us with which will follow researching the connections, learning about it at other possible aspects and demand more; instead of just seeing a movie and leave the cinema getting emotional. In other words, the taste that a film or exhibition leaves in the mouth / heart of the audience is beautiful, but more importantly, the question marks it leaves in mind, then wandering around the places where these take us, sharing them…

In social media however, the focus is more on combining cinema with the visual arts as the seventh art. Contextualized art references in films and directors pouring favorite painters into their films (eg Lynch / Hopper, Godard – Manet / Goya / others, Lars von Trier…) and finding and sharing these connections. To salute the masters who changed our lives with the categories of A Moment (Frame Per Second) and Directors We Love.

I wish you cinema and art lovers to get lost in its pages!

Nil Birinci: Founder, Chief Film Critic
Zeynep Bakanoglu: Editor, Film Critic

Contact: kino@kinoavantgarde