Inside Out (2015)

Inside Out (2015)


Pete Docter | Ronnie Del Carmen
Animation | Adventure | Comedy
1 h 35 m
Amy Poehler (voice) | Bill Hader (voice) | Lewis Black (voice)

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Awards & Festivals:
101 Wins, 117 Nominations



An enjoyable, instructive, realistic animation that has been worked with professionals throughout the five-year production process.

Age stages is a favorite subject of Pixar, middle age in The Incredibles and old age in Up; Inside Out is also a story of growing up, examining childhood and adolescence.

“Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what they were thinking?” The story begins with a question.

Dream studio, prison of the unconscious, islets of character, spikes, imaginary friend; The connections between them are very successful.

Emotion centers and their effects on decision making were also realistic but incomplete; but maybe it can be detailed in a further / different version, because other factors affecting the character are not taken into account. But that’s not the focus of the movie anyway, so it doesn’t affect its success much.

Animation, whose target audience is adults rather than children, can be said to appeal to all ages.

Nil Birinci

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